The Human Experience: It's All B.S.

A funny and whitty examination into the human experience. This book combines an analytical and humorous approach to discuss various issues that plague humanity from religion to advertising and provides insight into just how simple life really is when you strip away all of the B.S.

Status: In Development


In My Darkness

After losing his wife and children to a drive-by shooting, Thomas Jameson closed himself off from the world. Suffering from severe PTSD and agrophobia, Thomas is unable to leave his darkness. Resigned to lead a life cut-off from the world he fears, Thomas will have his spirit tested when he is befriended by a young boy in the neighborhood.

Status: In Development

Children's Book Series.

Woodrow Brantley Ware is your typical 7 year-od boy. He lives in the small town of Rockwell with his supportive parents, two older and much bigger brothers, and his annoying little sister Dottie-May. This book series follows the growing pains of Woody B. and the life lessons that he learns about himself, family, friends, school, and more. Each book will emphasize a moral lesson and teach readers the importance of mind, body, and spirit. Woody B will also teach readers to always find the positive side of all situations. The storylines will be familiar and relatable by all readers.

Each book in the Woody B. Ware series has the following primary goals:

  • - Discuss various moral and life lessons in a simple and understandable way.
    - Emphasize and encourage readers to find the positive in all situations
    - Encourage problem solving skills by providing concrete examples in the story.
    - Role model appropriate behaviors and decision making skills
    - Encourage children to grow in mind, body and spirit.