The Lighthouse

Inspired by the song, "The Lighthouse's Tale" by Nickel Creek, this story focuses on the tale of a lighthouse keeper that tried to hide from the pain of his past, only to find new meaning to his life when he is assigned to replace the keeper of a lighthouse in a small Maine fishing town.

Status: In Development


Will You Be There?

Growing up can be hard, and sometimes you don't know who is there for you. Jess Whelton's life is falling to pieces, and he is heading by bus to North Carolina to spend the summer with his father. Jess is unsure if his father will be there to meet him when he arrives, but little does Jess know that his bus journey will help him discover himself and the world around him.

Status: In Development

Chuck and The All-Stars, is a 30 minute educational and interactive animated series with a twist of health and fitness added. Chuck and The All-Stars is in essence a workout show for kids to get them off the couch and moving.

There are many educational and interactive children's’ programs on television today that teach our children foreign languages, reading, numbers, etc., but there are currently no programs that encourage our children to be active, be fit, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

To improve the health and well being of children ages 3 to 8 by providing an interactive, engaging, and educational animated series that encourages them to be active, be fit, and be healthy.

Each episode of Chuck and The All-Stars has the following primary goals:

  • - Have children actively participate in simple forms of physical activities
    - Discuss various health, fitness, or sports related topics.
    - Emphasize the core fundamentals of athletics
    - Encourage problem solving skills thru play-along and interactive style tasks.
    - Make children aware of the various types of sports
    - Encourage children to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle..

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