Anywho Productions, LLC

Anywho Productions, was founded by Mark N Bodo in 2008. The vision for Anywho Productions was to create a media/entertainment company that could span multiple mediums and deliver quality productions to the public.

Our owner graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Film from Michigan State University. He has worked in the production industry for several years, serving in various roles from writing, shooting, editing, directing and producing.

While living in Chicago, our owner was involved with Second City's conservatory program, and now incorporates his improvisational knowledge and skills in the Improv Gods and the assortment of improvisational educational programs he has developed, such as Dynamix and the Improv Academy.

Our expansion into the music and literature markets further expands on our media base and provides additional platforms in which to develop multi-level media vehicles.

We also look forward to developing equitable relationships with independent artists and writers.

Mission Statement:
To develop, produce, and release quality productions that create a positive impact upon society and are morally sound.

Entertain and Educate

Anywho Productions is dedicated to creating artistic works that not only entertain, but educate. We strongly believe that knowledge is power and we must work to empower audiences with knowledge.

Equitable Partnerships

At Anywho Productions we are committed to helping others shine. We strive to create equitable creative partnerships and to collaborate with other organizations. We also support local and national organizations that benefit the health and well-being of our nation.